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Monday, April 18, 2011

CloudMade Request for Proposals:

Technical and Documentation Writing

CloudMade is Leading the Location Revolution

CloudMade’s developer tools and services are used by over 19,200 web and mobile developers around the world to create and monetize innovative location aware applications. Top CloudMade Tools include:
• iOS / Android Location Based Advertising SDK – a framework that makes it quick and easy for iOS and Android developers to earn
revenues from high value location based advertising
• iOS Maps SDK – a framework that lets iOS developers create unique map-based iPhone and iPad applications that access CloudMade’s extensive cloud location platform
• iOS / Android Location Games SDK – a framework that lets iOS games developers add unique location based features to all categories of games
• Web Maps API – A Javascript maps API that lets web and mobile web developers add location features to web apps and sites
• Style Editor – a pioneering web-tool that brings powerful cartographic tools to any web developer or designer

You can find more CloudMade tools at

Documentation Revamp Project

Starting in Spring 2011 CloudMade will start a major project to re-vamp all of our developer documentation with the aim of delivering world-class documentation for developers in the following categories:
1. iPhone Games
2. iPhone Social
3. Android Games
4. Android Social
5. iPhone Navigation, Travel, Utilities
6. Android Travel, Utilities
7. Mobile Web
8. Desktop Web
In April 2011 we invite proposals from Technical Writers and Documentation
specialists who will work with CloudMade’s existing Engineering, Product Management and Marketing teams to provide:
• Examples & Tutorials that demonstrate how to create applications
built on CloudMade’s services for the platforms and categories listed above. CloudMade’s team will provide sample applications and guidance as to the target audience for the Examples and Tutorials.

You will provide website and documentation copy, API overviews and
code comments and review the application code.
• Documentation that explains the structure and functionality of CloudMade’s APIs and services. CloudMade’s team will provide draft documentation in a standard format for the platform. You will review
the documentation and provide final website copy, corrections, notes and comments.

Phase 1

The first phase of the project will involve an initial work package focused on CloudMade’s new iPhone LBA SDK.

You will be provided with
• A fully QA’d Framework installable via a DMG that installs the
CloudMade iPhone LBA Framework into Xcode
• Access to CloudMade iPhone LBA SDK source code so you can view and modify comments
• Current Class Documentation
• An Examples Brief produced by CloudMade’s Marketing team and current examples for four example applications / tutorials:
o Getting Started with Xcode and CloudMade’s iPhone LBA SDK
o Using CloudMade’s LBA SDK in
a Navigation application
o Using CloudMade’s LBA SDK in a Game
o Using CloudMade’s LBA SDK in a MapKit application
Phase One Deliverables include:
• A re-write of the 4 Examples provided by the CloudMade team,including website-ready copy, reviewed Example code, reviewed code comments
• A re-write of Class Documentation provided by the CloudMade team
• Feedback in the form of commented PowerPoint slides to be presented to CloudMade’s Products team, covering the iPhone LBA SDK signup, installation and setup process in place on CloudMade’s website
• Recommendations for additional Example applications and Tutorials to
support iPhone developers integrating CloudMade’s Location Based Advertising into their applications
Completion of Phase 1 will be based on the following:
• Providing satisfactory materials for the following:
o Improvements to comments available through Xcode
o Improvements to Class Documentation
o Improvements to the 4 examples / tutorials
o Recommendations for additional work that would lead to an improved experience for developers

Phase 2

The second phase of the project will extend the scope to cover:
• Reviewing, updating and improving documentation and examples for
CloudMade’s Maps SDK and Location Games Platform
• Providing documentation and feedback to CloudMade’s Engineering,
Product and Marketing teams that will help improve the documentation produced by these teams
The timing of this phase is estimated to be 5-10 days within May and June.

Phase 3

Upon successfully completing Phases 1 and 2, applicants may be awarded an ongoing contract with CloudMade to provide regular documentation and
example content, reviews, updates and improvements.
The timing of this phase is estimated at 1 day per week, ongoing.

This document should be accompanied by the following documents:
• CloudMadeAdManual - Document containing CloudMade’s current
Tutorials and Examples
• CloudMade iPhone LBA SDK Class Documentation – HTML file containing current Class documentation
• CloudMadeAdFramework.dmg – OS X installer package containing the iPhone LBA SDK
Please contact us if you are missing any of these documents.

To Apply

To apply, please email with Subject: “RFP: Technical and Documentation Writing“ with the following information:
• A Project Proposal for Phase One work
• You available start date for Phase One and your estimated completion date for Phase One
• Full costing for Phase One
• Indication of your preferred billing / pricing model (eg project quote or
time and materials) for subsequent phases
• Your day rate (if billing T&M)
• Your portfolio including at least 3 recent examples of documentation writing similar in style and focus to that required by CloudMade
• A covering email highlighting any other relevant information to support your propsal
Additional information to support your quote for Phase One, such as the
existing documentation and examples, can be provided on request.
Thank you for you application.

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