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how to get work experience

Despite the seemingly very high rate of unemployment in the UK currently, there are over half a million vacancies waiting to be filled. The obstacle to getting jobs for many graduates and non graduate position is work experience. According to WEXO, over 56% of recruiters say experience is the most important asset a candidate can possess, with or without formal qualifications.

So, it's no gain saying; get a work experience if you don't have one, to boost your chances of getting a UK job fast. How to get work experience?

The argument whether or not work experience should be done without pay rages on. Whichever part of the divide you are in, or no matter how you feel about working without pay for experience, one thing is clear: without a work experience, you cannot get a job in certain disciplines.

So, what is work experience? This is the voluntary attachment of one's self to understudy and work with an experienced professional or tradesman in a given field, with the sole aim of learning hands-on, how things are done in that trade. Such experience typically last for a few weeks up to 6 months on the average.

Yes. It is a form of apprenticeship.

It is common to undertake such unpaid voluntary work while in college to find out more about a given field of interest, or at the end of a course of study, to see how one fits into his chosen field.

Many find that after gaining their paper qualification in a given field, working under the tutelage of a certified and experienced practitioner is key to gaining the know-how and confidence needed to perform on their own with little or no supervision.

A work experience, apart from helping provide the needed hands-on experience, albeit for a short time, it is often an avenue to be watched and known by senior practitioners who should then be able to provide you with a written work related reference for performance, character and ability in that field.

If you have just graduated from the university or college and do not have an experience in a given field you hope to work in, do not delay. Look for an employer that will be willing to offer you work experience. It is worth it.

Professions Requiring Work Experience

Most jobs will require you have hands on experience after graduating before you are entrusted with the responsibility of looking after their interest, or concerns. There are employments though, that require you to compulsorily have experience before you can be taken on board. They include:

  • Computer graduates (General IT and networking - MCSE, CISCO, etc)
  • Law graduates and legal assistants
  • Foreign Medical graduates after passing their PLAB exams
  • Engineering graduates
  • Journalism
  • Photography graduates
  • Fashion trainees
  • Trainee accountants
  • Beauty therapists
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapist

And more.

The fact is more and more recruiters require you have some form of experience. That takes us to how to get work experience.

How To Get A Work Experience

Hopefully you are clear about what type of work experience you are seeking in terms type of job. If you are a trainee accountant for example, you will be looking to get attached to an accounting firm.

The best approach to how to get work experience will obviously be to use both the internet and work of mouth. You could use social networking sites like LinkedIn to seek for companies matching your work profile. You should also search ( or Google) for the list of accounting forms within a radius you are willing and able to travel to.

Draft your CV and highlight the fact that you are seeking work experience. Sell yourself. Let them know your strength and what you will bring to your business.

If you are willing to take up an unpaid work experience (and most will be unpaid), say so. This breaks the ice and makes people willing to offer you a place, if available.

Also state your hours and for how long - usually go for 4 to 6 weeks, and no more than 3 months, if your type of job allows that. If you can afford a 6 month attachment, then by all means, do it, if offered.

You may be able to negotiate to work under such setting for say three days a week for a month or two, and do some other paid job on the other days you are not there, to pay your way, if money is a significant issue. Do not be afraid to discuss this during your application process.

If you can, physically go into each of those office, book an appointment with the manager or principal of the establishment through their secretary if possible, stating that you which to discuss a career development matter with them.

Present yourself on that day as if for interview. Be at your best. Remember, first impression do stay on for a very long time. You never can tell. Your work experience encounter may turn out to be your job offer for life.

Use Work Experience Agencies

Another idea on how to get work experience is to use agencies that help candidates with placements for both work experience and internship. WEXO is one of such. They match up candidates looking for work experience, internships and jobs with suitable providers across the UK.

If you are looking to do a very formal and perhaps extended work experience or apprenticeship, then contact They providea well structured and industry specific hand on apprenticeship training on a very wide range of careers to prospective employees.

We hope you apply these top tips on how to get work experience, as part of your ten steps challenge to getting a UK job within 30 days.

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