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See top tips on how to start a business. Follow our step by step guide to starting your very own business. We have included a list of ten low cost business ideas you can start today. Explore the mind set of a business person. Follow our guide. Use the resources provided below. Leave a comment on what you think.

Looking to get a UK job? Why not start your own business? You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is simpler than you thought to do so. There are loads of small business ideas out there to grow and run.

Let's be your guide and anchor as we take you though practical step-by-step process to starting out. The benefits of working for your self are enormous, if you are willing to take the plunge. Before we settle down to how to start a business, let take a quick look at the benefits of starting your own business.

Seven Reasons To Start Your Own Business

Here are seven reasons why starting your own company or business may be the wisest thing to do:

  1. You Are In Control. While it is true that running your own business comes with its own challenges, but doing so put you in control. You are in charge of what you do, your success or failure. You are in control of how much you earn, how much work to do, when to go home, when to take a leave, who to hire or fire.
  2. Security. How many times have you heard of that employee who worked for a company for over 20 years, putting in all that can be put into a business with so much dedication, and one morning the boss walks in and let off these two words.
  3. What You Earn You Keep. Every time you work for someone else, you make them rich. Very rich. They make at least three times what they pay you from your hard work. Think of it, if you are not a profitable golden goose, why will they keep you in their book? They are no father Christmas. From what you produce, they pay themselves first, then pay national Insurance contribution to the government for others who may, for genuine or less than genuine reasons can't work, then pay their tax and then pay you a merger left over. When you work for yourself, you keep everything due you.
  4. Pay Less tax. Now you are looking for a job aren't you? All the expenses you incur, from transportation to internet bills, printing, heating, light, telephone calls etc gets paid from your pocket, even when you get a job. If you are self employed, you get paid ALL you business related expenses first, and only pay tax on your profit. Have you not heard that the rich pay less tax? Ask the second richest man on earth - Warren Buffet. He paid less tax (17.7%) on an income of over $46 million her made, than his Secretary who paid a 35% tax on an income of $60,00. Legally. That could be you soon.
  5. Get Paid When You Are NOT Working. If you get a UK job today, you are only likely going to get paid when you work. For many businesses, if sufficiently placed on autopilot, they provide a continuous stream of income for you when you are sleeping, playing golf, or even when you are off on holiday. Wouldn't that be nice? Don't tell me that you are allergic to making a passive income!
  6. No Cap On How Much You Can Earn. Work for someone and you get a salary range put in place. Work for yourself, and you can earn as much as you like with hard work. Think of it, very very few financially self sufficient people work for others. Earn six, seven or nine figure income working for yourself.
  7. Retire When You Want. How old are you now? 20s, 30s? What about retiring in a few years time. You will be odd to think of that if you are working for someone else. This is easily achievable if you work for yourself. Many very successful self employed individuals retire in their 40s. How nice that would be, if that is what you actually want!

I am sure you can think of more reasons why you want to learn how to start a business. Now, let's see how to start a business - a step-by-step guide.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start A Business

True, starting a business is not for everyone. Most people though, can start and run a profitable business (including YOU). But what does it take to start and run a business? No. You don't have to be a genus to start your own business. No. Not money or fat financing. All you need is to have the right reasons, motivation and determination to succeed. You need a burning desire to succeed sustained by willingness to act. Most successful business owners agree that you need the following to succeed in business:

  • Determination to succeed with a healthy fear of failure
  • Willingness to work very hard, even doing 'dirty stuff' initially
  • Willingness to learn new ways and act on them
  • Ability to study around one's environment, spot a need or gap and fill it with a business model
  • Committed to work for self and take control of own life

If you think you have more than three of the above five aptitudes, then you are likely very suited to start your own business. Follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Think of what you are good at and can offer as a service or a product you want to sell. See a list of small business ideas here and a number of instant business guides below
  2. Whether you want to offer a service or sell a product, do a market research to find out how much demand there is for that product or service. You can easily do this my searching for that product or services using Google Keyword Tools. Go to Google now and search for "Google Keyword Tools". Open this tool and put in the keyword e.g "computer repair" and see how many people are searching for this services. If you have more than 20,000 local searches, it is likely that you have found a good in demand business to embark on
  3. Once you have decided on what business idea to go for, chose a business name. You can chose a name to reflect what your business does or a generic name that projects a good official image. Remember that the name you have in mind might already have been taken by another business. You can not register a name already registered by another business. To avoid this, use the free Business Name Web Checker from Company House UK.
  4. Register your own company. You can get this done yourself now from as little a £24.99 and get a fully registered business incorporated by the UK company house in you name within 4 hours and delivered to you.
  5. Draw a business plan. This is a very important tool to help you have a clear and measurable picture of what you are going into, plan effective and measure your success. You can get sample free business plans here.

Ten Low Cost Business Ideas And Guides To Start With Today

Because we are confident that you can start off with your very own business if you want today, we have left no stone unturned to bring you all you need on how to start a business and here are ten low cost business ideas to start straight away. They are tested and profitable small business opportunities requiring very little upfront investments.

The ideas presented here ranges from selling of products to writing own book to working online from home. The choice is yours. You can get a more comprehensive list of small business ideas here.

  1. Go Freelance. Register for free and start working for yourself TODAY at ELANCE. Choose a service you can provide and search for jobs posted ad start working now, without paying anyone a dime upfront.
  2. Have A Passion, Turn It Into A Business. Get the number one tool to help reach as many people as possible and succeed. Get Solo Build It.
  3. Go E-Commerce. Sell On eBay or your own e-commerce store. See top product to guide you and help you succeed fast selling on eBay. Get the list of top drop shippers and ebay wholesalers.
  4. Start A Car Selling Business On A Shoe String Budget. People will always buy cars and many will settle for used ones. There is a huge market for this and learn how to tap into this niche noe with this clickbank guide on how to buy and sell cars for profit.
  5. Earn A Living Selling Other Peoples Products - The Affiliate Marketing. You could earn millions of pounds literally as a super affiliate. Learn the tricks with this Clickbank product,
  6. Profit From The Booming E-books Business. Write Yours. Get the 7-days ebook writing help and guidance. Write And Publish Your Own Outrageously Profitable Ebook In As Little As 7 Days - Even If You Can't Write Or Type!
  7. Start A Day care Business. The demand for childcare services remains high. You can start one today near you and start earning income. Download the day care starter kit here.
  8. Sell Designer Handbags. Get authentic list of suppliers of top designer bags including Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Seven and more and start selling today. Download the Directory Of Legitimate Suppliers here.
  9. Learn How To Blog For Profit From The Blog Master Himself, John Chow. Download his blueprint here. Please do not miss this opportunity for online success if you are keen to make money online blogging.
  10. Import And Export To China. Set up an international trading platform from the comfort of your home. Trade on

We hope you are able to find and apply at least one of the above tips on how to start a business and start earning yourself some good income.

Have you any top tip on how to start a business to share? We would love to hear from you.

Have A Great Story Or Experience or Advice On Starting One's Own Business?

Do you have a great story, experience or advice to others on starting one's own business? Share it!

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