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We bring you top job interview tips to help in any job interview you may find yourself. Also find links to practical commonly asked questions and answers for interview across all job sectors. Leave comments here on difficult job interview query you may have and get help.

Your CV has assisted in separating you from the crowd. An interview date has been set. Is your heart throbbing aloud?

A modest flow of adrenaline, adequate preparation, supported by practical, clear and concise job interview tips will make the right blend of recipe for putting up a brilliant performance at the interview.

An interview is all about showing to your prospective employer that you meet the persons’ specification for the job, that you are confident, poised, professional, reliable and have a good personality.

You have to convince the interview panel that you will be safe to work with, have ambition, can be trusted and have some charisma.

If you put these practical interview tips in your mind before going for an interview, and be prepared to bring these to the fore, you will do well.

Jason, an Employment Consultant in London with many years of providing employers and employees job interview tips, recommends the following:

  • Master Your Application Pack
    It is a wise job interview tip to keep a photocopy of any job application sent to an employer. Once you are short listed for a job, grab your application pack. Go through all the information you provided there. Master it.

    Master your CV too. This will be the document your prospective employer or the interview panel members would be flipping through to ask you questions, as well as look into as you provide answers to ensure consistency.

    Think widely of the job experience, or even any other thing like your qualifications, hobbies, or publication you have included, and the possible questions that could be asked about it.

    Say these to your self, but do not try to memorize them! Think about ideas and contents. Dwelling on too many specific wordings and trying to memorize them will muddle your thought process during the interview session.

  • Learn about the Company

    Research about the company you intend working for. Go to their website, request their annual report. Learn as much as possible.

    See the direction of progress in the company and what their future plans are, as well as any topical or current issues that may concern that company. See how you could fit into helping them achieve their goal. Be prepared to then create an entry during your interview to talk a little about the company and how you will bring your experience or hard work to help. This will make a good impression.

    Your research will also help convince you if that is really the type of company you want to work with. This is one of those job interview tips that must not be ignored, if you want to "shine" on the day of your interview.

  • Dress Well

    This is an often ignored point on many job interview tips, especially amongst young adults seeking employment for the first time. If the interview is worth attending, it is worth dressing well for.

    Neat and smart dress will tell your employer-to-be that you are self respecting, take this job interview seriously, that you really need the job, and that you would value and take pride in the job if given. To dress shabbily or casually to a job interview is to say the converse.

    It is recommended that you start to think of what you will wear right from the first time you knew you have been short-listed for an interview. Seek out the clothing and have them ready before the interview day to avoid rush.

    Putting on jeans to an interview is definitely out of taste to most employers. If you are going to work in an office, a modest shirt, trouser, tie, or perhaps a suit or jacket and well polished shoes may be appropriate.

    Remember, first impression matters. You may never get a second chance to correct a bad or not so good first impression.

    Do not forget to give attention to your hair. It should be neat and well groomed. Remember your finger nails too. If they are dirty and unkempt, this could catch the attention of one of the members of the interview panel. That interviewer may not say a word, but might mark you down by a point or two. True.

  • Prepare Some Sample Interview Questions

    Perhaps the most important job interview tip is that you should be thoroughly prepared. Preparing well for your interview will also include getting some sample job interview questions and practice these extensively. You can also down load the Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers . This is a manual that gives practical help with questions and answers for interviews asked.

    Once you have access to quality questions and answers in interviews, practice this several times. Do this in front of a mirror. Get friends and family members to scrutinize you and provide constructive critique. Write the answers to past interview questions down, but as said above, do not attempt to memorize the exact wordings of any answer. If you do, it may deprive you of your naturalness during the interview session.

    You will see a selection of common interview questions in our job interview questions section.

  • Arrive on Time

    Make it a goal to arrive for your interview in time. Do not stay awake all through the night before your interview. Have enough sleep. Wake up in good time and plan your journey to arrive at the venue of your interview fifteen to thirty minutes before your scheduled interview time. This may be the first signal to your employers to be that you will be a good time keeper.

    It will also give you time to settle, filling in documents that may be needed, and puts you in a good frame of mind while you wait to meet your interviewers.

  • How To Behave During the Interview

    The first three seconds of your interview are the most crucial. Impressions are made or marred within this time.

    A genuine smile, firm and warm handshake, looking directly at the person been introduced to you and if possible repeating their names as it is been mentioned is a good starting point.

    As you seat down, do not slouch into the chair, or loose concentration for a split second. If you show that you are attentive to the speaker, you will soon be absorbed into the discussion and your natural nervousness will melt away before you know.

    Body language is king. Try to be relaxed but poised. Your body language is a key factor to succeeding in any interview. Strong conclusions can easily made about a candidate’s character just by looking at his or her body language. If you put the practical job interview tips mentioned here into action by rigorous practicing, you will project a good body image all through the interview.

    In Western cultures, making good eye contact is very very important during an interview. Maintaining eye contact is an evidence of confidence, and to do otherwise may mean that the interviewee is hiding something, or has a shifting character.

    Be concise. Never talk too much during an interview. Try to go straight to the answer and not waffle.

    Honesty is paramount during an interview. Answer the questions without been economical with the truth. It may show in your voice if you are, and the interviewers will pick this up. It could cost you the job, and even prosecution in serious cases.

    Never criticize or speak lowly of a previous job or employer, no matter what experience you had there. This may not put you in good light with a prospective employer. You will also do the same to him, should you leave his employment, he may reckon.

    Ask relevant questions at the end of the day. Theses may include the work rota, holidays, perks, or even what their work – family balance package is like, if appropriate.

    Finally, at the end of an interview, if you really want the job, let them know you do. Shake hands with them once more, and thank them. You may decide to send in a thank you note to the interview panel. It is highly recommended.

Try and apply the above job interview training tips and position yourself for a resounded success in your job interview.

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