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Jobs in UK are not so difficult to get in the current economic climate.  People are still needed to fill posts from the very top to the not so top positions. Follow these sure fire steps to getting yourself a  job in the UK fast. Your thoughts on this issue would be highly appreciated, as we invite comments at the end of this page.

Hunting for jobs in the UK could very much look like hiking on a lonely mountain road with no hope of reaching the summit.Hunting for jobs in the UK could very much look like hiking on a lonely mountain road with no hope of reaching the summit.

If you have been sending in applications for jobs and getting no response or even a shortlist for interview, hunting for jobs in the UK would very much look like hiking on a lonely mountain road with no hope of reaching the summit.

But do not despair.  There are jobs out there.  The evidence shows that at any given day, there are over 400,000 jobs and vacancies in the UK waiting to be filled.

While connection and luck could play a role in getting a job for some, with diligence, persistence and determination, you can get that dream job of yours. At least a job initially and then work towards getting your perfect job.

Yes. With careful planning, working smart and perseverance, you are guaranteed to get  a job in the UK within thirty days or less. Follow our top job hunting tips here. Review what you have been doing before now. Perhaps we can do things differently this time. If you are willing to work even harder, you will be pleasantly amazed at the result you will get. It may seem difficult to obtain, but all you need, is to understand the tricks of the game and play by the rules. Yes. You can get UK jobs easier than you think.

Listen To The Experts

The mighty does not always win the battle nor the swift the race; or as the Awake! Journal of July 2005 puts it, "the best candidates do not always get the best jobs" in  the UK, just as much as anywhere else in the world.

Quoting Brian, an employment consultant in the United States, that journal continues; "the job often goes to the most effective job seeker" Yes. You need to be effective in all you do. The key is in working as hard as you possibly can, looking for and seizing any and all opportunities that come your way as you hunt for a job. It is not about how much you need a job or how much applications you throw in. You have to work smart.  Remember that your job now is to look for a job.

A frantic job seeker reportedly put in at least seven hundred job applications in a seven month period in search of employment here in the UK.  He got only three interviews! Alarmed?  Don't. That is the average number of applications and time spent in getting jobs in some highly competitive specialized job sectors these days.

You need not go through such a horror. Reduce the work you put into job search by following these tested and trusted effective ways of seeking a job. Please share your experience with us below, on your job search and if you have done everything advised here and if doing so helped.

Sure Ways To Get Jobs In UK

To be effective, follow these sure fire ways of getting jobs in the UK. Take every step advised here and let us know how you fared.

1. Prepare Before You Take Off

Preparation is king. To do otherwise is to plan to be ineffective. From the day I decided to get a job, my first reaction was to ask myself:

  • What types of job can I actually do? I took a look at the job sector on an employment site and wrote down ten jobs based on my abilities, qualifications and experience
  • Where do I want to work? Next I asked myself if I am willing to commute or should I move to London? Tick.
  • What are my strategies for getting a job fast? This is perhaps the most crucial step once you are clear on the above questions. You must design a number of options and strategies to secure a job fast. If option A fails, what can I do by way of option B? Below is a strategy that is sure to work for jobs in UK employment market of any type.
  • Draft A Killer CV. Your CV should truly be the “story of your life” compressed. It should stand out. It should let your potential employer know what you can do, even if those skills where learned informally. We shall go through this in detail in the section, Let Your CV shine
  • Master Vital Interview Skills. What to expect at interviews, what to wear, best body language during interview and sample interview questions are all part of essential preparations for landing yourself a job.

To be prepared is to be organized. To be able to get jobs in UK in record time, the book, Get a Job in 30 days or Less advices that the very first step to succeeding in a job hunt is to be organized. Being organized involves a lot. It includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual organization.

Set goals and then pursue them. Lay down the picture of what you want and how to get there. Spend at list 5 to 10 minutes to think about this picture on your bed just before you go to sleep. Dream it.

Get ready in the morning as if you are going to work. Get dressed. Dress smart. This, according to leading job psychology experts, sets you in the right frame of mind. In fact, the book Get a Job in 30 days or Less, says that dressing as if you are ready for work even helps to improve your confidence when talking through on the telephone to prospective employers. This will beam through your discussion and leave an impression of a very confident prospective employee in their mind. It also tells your subconscious that you are ready for the business of getting a job. Seriously.

2. Be Flexible

Life will be easier if you are already established in a profession or job type and if there are tons of jobs in that field. It may just be a matter of apply for such jobs. But what if getting jobs in UK in your chosen field is difficult, then you must consider a career change. Be willing to be flexible. At least temporarily, to pay the bills.

The average person today would have done at least three different types of jobs and could have a change of up to ten different employments in a lifetime. Be adaptable. Be willing to re-train or totally change career. Before changing your career, be satisfied that you are toeing a path that will be acceptable to you in the long run.

Before I got a job in my field of expertise, I did different kinds of jobs in UK - worked as a carer or nursing assistant, office clerk, and even cleaned. Flexibility means seeking and holding down a "less than ideal job" temporarily to pay the bills while also looking for that dream job. It means seeking any job type as a means to an end, irrespective of your qualifications, until you get that job.

3. Reach Out As Wide As Possible

This is a very important step. Be willing to recruit the patience and doggedness to work at getting a job. Do this and you will get result.

Make use of employment websites like this and do an extensive search for jobs in UK that may be of interest to you.

  • Call your local employment office or job centre plus, and get telephone numbers of ALL the local employers
  • Sieve through what they do and apply for jobs with them even if there is no vacancy advertised. Tell them what you can do
  • Apply to every single on of the top 100 employers in the UK online
  • Allow for two weeks, and then call every single of these employers "to see if they got your application and that you would be willing to work with them if there is any opening. Do not shy away from being assertive. Employers particularly like assertiveness as a skill
  • Do a quick search online for job agencies that provide employment for the type of job you are seeking. Register with at least five agencies. Once you are registered and your references come through, ring them every single day until they get you regular jobs
  • Be willing to set a regular schedule of work and availability and let the agencies know. They like consistency. I like working four days a week for example - Mondays to Friday, except Wednesdays. Let the agency know you are available very day except Wednesdays and weekends, if that suits you.

A word of caution: Online resume posting scam is ever becoming so common. Do not become a victim. Always check to see the privacy policy of an agency before sending in your resume. You may become a victim of identity theft or even have your details sold to mass-marketing companies.

4. Networking: Use It To Get A Job

More and more people are getting jobs in the UK these days via friends, family members old acquaintances and even former work contacts. This is what networking is.

Get a a list of all your contacts you are comfortable with and let them know you are looking for job. You will be surprised at how well this could work for you. Employers will be more comfortable to recruit someone who has been suggested to them by a respectable friend or work colleague.

Yes. Spread your net as wide as possible and connect with those who could make your job seeking come through.

5. Use The Gov.UK Web Resources

In addition to apply to vacancies on all the top UK employers websites, use the UK government's own website to look for job.

At Gov.UK, you would be able to:

  • Register and apply for job from a job search database administered by the UK government
  • Get further top tips on how to job hunt
  • Get information and help with various financial incentives and supports that may be available to you depending on your current situation
  • CV and interview tips and tricks.

Find a job with the Universal Job-match and much more here at Gov.UK.

6. Consider Working For Yourself

If in the very unlikely situation that you have done all of the above and you haven't got a job yet, do not despair.  What about starting your very own business. It may be easier than you think.

I had a friend who suddenly needed to do some work due to change in her family situation. She took the initiative. Typed notices for "Cleaner Wanted? Call Me Now" and posted this on all the local shop windows. Within a week, she got 3 household on her list of clients and started cleaning homes for £10 and hour! She was able to arrange her time around caring for her children when back from school and her client list has grown since then into more than a full time job. Okay. Cleaning is not your thing. But could you do any of the following?

You can see a long list for viable business ideas here at how to start your own business.

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