Modernising Medical Career


Modernising Medical Career is a concept designed to reform post graduate medical training in the UK.

Before now, junior doctors training at SHO level were more or less not structured; appointments were short-termed with no defined end points. Time spent at this level variable and the selection processes for these posts are weak.

Even provision for training were increasingly non-existent, even in posts classified as training post, and Senior House Officers had inadequate supervision with an increasing work load to provide service to the NHS instead of training.

Many doctors find out that they complete years of senior house officer’s post but still lacking core competences.

There were also no clear training pathways for overseas doctors with most ending up doing staff grade jobs. Clearly there was a need for a system that will address these issues. Thus modernising medical career was conceptualised.

Starting in August 2005, all graduates leaving UK medical schools will enter as two years Foundation programme, designated FY1 and FY2, focused at developing key competences and communications skills to meet the demand of looking after patients.

At the end of the foundation years, modernising medical career doctors will progress into a time limited specialist training programme, called the Run Through Grades.

After about four years at this middle grade level (equivalent to current SHO and SpR grades), doctors now be qualified to be award Certificate of Completion Of Specialist Training (CCST). They can now take up positions in the NHS as junior consultants.

For some specialties and subspecialties, these junior consultants will need to continue postgraduate training for some years to become consultants in those specialties or subspecialties.

Modernising Medical Career in its totality would be based on demonstrating competencies as a principle behind career progression, rather than serving time.

During the time of design, it was safe to say that modernising Medical Career will make medical training in the UK to be:

• Structured

• Time limited

• Competency based

• Flexibility

• Fit for purpose

• Comply with the EWTD

• Uniform selection process

• Address the needs of non-UK graduates

Whether all the above would be realised, only time will tell.

Implications of MMC on Overseas Doctors

Modernising medical careers as it stands now, has little or no provision made for overseas doctors. At the moment, while on face value all can apply for Foundation Year training programme slot, the selection criteria means that over 90% of overseas doctors can not qualify or are not eligible to apply.

This non – eligibility stems from the fact that once a doctor has done his internship or house job, he may no longer be eligible to apply for FY1.

Most overseas doctors usually have completed their internship, with many even undertaking post graduate degrees in their country before coming to the UK.

UK jobs for overseas medical doctors with more than one year experience post qualification may be restricted to trust grade non-training post.

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