Online Panelists

by Karolina

We are looking for honest, opinionated and computer-literate people to join our team of online interviewees. You will become part of our consumer panel and help us with surveys for well known firms, and for newspapers, radio and TV programmes. This means you may well hear about a survey you took part in when you listen to the radio or TV or when you read a paper.

You should expect to receive a survey about once every 2 weeks, maybe more, maybe less, it all depends on how relevant each survey is to yourself.

Our surveys are usually 10-15 questions, don’t take long to do, and they’re often quite interesting topics. You will be paid for each survey that you complete with us, it will usually be about 50p. When you have done a certain amount of surveys, upon your request, we will then send you a cheque/voucher.

There’s no catch, we’re a reputable firm, and as long as you’ve done a minimum of 10 surveys you can ask for a cheque to be sent at any time.

Please e-mail if you wish to sign up or check out or website for more information about our company!

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