Proof Of Address
What It Is And How To Get One Fast

See what a proof of address letter actually is and how to get one fast, even if you are new to the UK. We will also show you a list of the different things you can use for address proof, whether you are 18 years old or less, live with your parents or partner, or have started to pay bills or not. It shouldn't be that difficult to get.

What is it?

Have you just found out that you will be needing a proof of address letter?

Proof of address is an official document to show where you live, issued in the last 90 days

Such a letter is often required if you are looking to open a bank account, apply for a loan, or mortgage, or even if you are applying for a driving license, passport or register with a doctor (GP surgery).

But what exactly is an address proof document?

A proof of address is an official document from a government agency or some selected financial institutions, landlord or educational bodies that shows your name and your current address, issued within the last three months.

This document must have been sent in the post to you and received at that address for it to be a valid proof that you live there.

Examples of Proof of Address Letters

Commonly used items as proof of one's address in the UK include:

  • Utility bills (Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewage, Telephone or Mobile phone bill)
  • Council tax bill
  • Bank statement
  • Building society account statement
  • Credit card account statement
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Mail Order statement
  • Hire Purchase statement of account
  • Pension book
  • Driving License
  • Medical card / NHS Card

Some banks and building societies will not accept mobile phone bills as address proof.

You may be required to simultaneously provide a Proof of Identity. This is a document showing your details, as well as a photographic representation of you.

You could use your driving license or international passport as proof of identity. Unfortunately, you are not often allowed to use the same material as both proof of identity and proof of your address. You will need one of each - a proof of identity document and an address proof document.

Now, what? How to get a proof of address document fast?

How To Get A Proof Of Address Document Fast

Suppose you just arrived into the UK and are living with someone else and do not have a utility bill in your name or a tenancy agreement, how can you provide a proof of your address?

Or are you under 18 years of age and have no document in your name to show your address proof?

Another common scenario is with married or unmarried individuals living with their mate who do not have any paperwork in their name to show they live in that address.

There are three ways you can legally get proof of address in your name fast to enable you open a bank account, get job and work.

It is a criminal offense to provide a fake proof of address in the UK. This could lead to prosecution and a criminal record. The best ways to get a proof of one's address include the following:

  • Apply For A Provisional Driving License From DVLA. The first and by far the easiest way is to go to the post office and apply for a provisional driving license if you qualify. You will need a fee of about £55.00 and a passport sized photograph, as well as your international passport. Go to your nearest post office and get a form to apply for a driving license. Send this off to the DVLA, and usually within two weeks you should get your provisional driving license and this can be used as a valid proof of your address.
  • Get Your name Added To The Utility Bill Statement Where You Live. The second way you can get proof of address in the UK is to speak to the person you are living with. This can be especially useful if you live with a friend or spouse who has his or her name as the one responsible for the bills. They may be able to call one of their utility companies (Telephone, gas and electricity companies happen to be the easier to of such utility bill providers that can be approached) and explain that from that moment, the bills should be in your name or in both of your names. You do not need to do anything else. That does not mean you have to pay the bills. The usual person responsible for the bills. 
  • Get A Tenancy Agreement ASAP. If you have your own flat or apartment, then get your Assured Tenancy Agreement from your landlord to present. 

If you are under 18 or looking for evidence of proof of current address for your child, you can get a letter from his or her school or college or her junior ISA account or any such account your child might hold.

If you are a company or sole trader and needs a proof of business address, there are companies that could provide you with a virtual address for a fee.

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