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Top Employers In The UK For Job Search

Look for current vacancies with these top UK employers and submit your application today. Browse for those jobs that match your skill set and even those not so close but where you can bring some transferable skills into or perhaps even retrain to be able to do. Make it your goal to get in touch with every single one of these companies.

The UK is home to some of the world's biggest companies. Or at least their overseas arm. Many of these businesses feature amongst the top best companies to work with anywhere in the world.

Even through the recession, many of these companies continue to recruit and  employ staff in various capacities.

They need people to work to keep them in business. Yes, they have some older staff retiring and some not too old ones may need replacing. New departments may need creating and you may be just that candidate that they desire. You? Why not? Don't be pessimistic!

Remember, our job - your job, is to get a job.  Tell me. If you could sit down today, browse through the list of these companies, and perhaps pick the top twenty that catches your fancy, look at their vacancy section and apply for a job or two with each of them, and do exactly the same tomorrow with another twenty on this list and again next week, don't you see how you would have improved your chances of getting a UK job fast?

Let's not settle for anything less than getting a job. Do not send a "one cap fit all" CV. As you browse each  of these top UK employers websites, peruse the job description section. Pay great attention to the skill mix and experience required for that particular job you are about to apply for. Reflect on what it entails and if you have such skill or experience. Tweak and tailor your CV to reflect exactly what they are looking for in a particular job. Lift a few words from the advert to describe your skill in your new customized CV for that particular job. It makes short listing easier for them and also the selection process.  

If there are small qualifications that you can perhaps acquire to improve your chances of getting that job, be prepared to invest the time and money in if you can afford it. Some of these courses could be done in a few days and they could really add some sparkle and boost to your CV and increase your employability.  You may be surprised by the range of courses available that could give you that edge. Check the list of courses available from a few of these UK distance learning providers:

  • UK Open College
  • Skill step
  • The Distance Education Academy
  • My Distance Learning College
  • High Speed Training

The take home message here is work as hard as possible, leaving no stone unturned as it were, and seize every possible opportunity to enhance your self and get a job.

List Of Top UK Employers

Tesco is easily one of theTop UK Employers

The following are the top 100 employers in the UK, as well as best UK employers overall all at one time or the other in the very recent past.

They range from top FTSE 100 companies like Tesco to even less well known companies like Bourne Leisure Limited, trading as Owners Exclusive.

We bring you link to their names and details about each of them as well as how to apply for jobs with them. They include:

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